Network Architecture, System & Security (NASS) Laboratory
School of Computer Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)

Titles Ph.D., Associate Professor
E-mail songtian at bit.edu.cn / songtian at acm.org
Office Room 1038, Central Teaching Building
Address 5 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian, Beijing, China, 100081

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Brief Introduction

I am an associate professor in School of Computer Science and Technology at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). While I have experience in various areas of computer architecture, networks and security, my current focus is the design and implementation of fast, secure and scalable networking systems, providing efficient and elegant solutions (algorithms, protocols, architectures and systems) for critical issues and applications. I serviced as CTO at Suntang Corp. from 2008 to 2009 where leading a team of hundreds to commercialize several systems. I also founded a Xilinx-BIT Joint Lab of High Performance Networking in 2009. I enjoy the research life due to its challenging and supreme feature. Meanwhile, since 2013, I am graduately aware of a talent in teaching, therefore my current work also includes MOOCs, big data in education and scholarship of teaching. I was a visiting scholar at Washington University in St.Louis, collaborated with Prof. Patrick Crowley, from Sep.2011 to Jul. 2013. I got a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Technology, supervised by Prof. Zhizhong Tang (汤志忠), Prof. Dongsheng Wang (汪东升) and Prof. Yibo Xue (薛一波), at Tsinghua University in 2008 and a B.Eng. degree with honor also in Computer Science and Technology (as a member of 98'Elite Class) at Northeastern University, China, in 2002.

Services and Awards

Research Services

Associate Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications, (2018-2020, 1/3).
Associate Editor,
Senior Member, CCF (China Computer Federation), Member (2005-), Senior (2013-), No. 06167S.
Committee Member, CCF TC-ARCH (2014-), ACM SIGCOMM (2019-)
Member, ACM, No. 7264065, (2013-); IEEE, No. 92880717, (2005-).
PC/OC Member, ACM ICN 2014/2019, ACM/IEEE ANCS 2017, IEEE HotICN 2018/2019

Teaching Services

Director, Committee on Young Educational Scholar, Computer Education Research Association of Chinese Universities (CERACU), (2016-2018, 2019-).
Secretary-General, Technical Committee, Association of Fundamental Computing Education in Chinese Universities, (2015-).
Committee Member, CCF TC-EDU (2013-), ACM SIGCSE (2019-), ACM SIGCSE China (2017-).
PC Member, ACM SIGCSE 2019

Title and Awards

Sep. 2019, Teaching Master Award, Beijing Institute of Technology.
Dec. 2015, Excellent Youth Scholars Award (Teaching), Beijing Institute of Technology.
Jan. 2013, Beijing Higher Education Young Elite Teacher, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.
Jul. 2010, Visiting Scholarship Award, China Scholarship Council.
Dec. 2008, Excellent Youth Scholars Award (Research), Beijing Institute of Technology.

Professional Awards

Sep. 2018, First Prize, National Teaching Achievement Award in China.
Sep. 2017, First Prize, Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement Award.
Aug. 2012, Best Paper Award in IEEE ICCCN 2012.
Sep. 2012, First Prize, Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement Award.
Aug. 2012, Gold Medal, NetFPGA Design Competition 2012 at Stanford University.
Apr. 2009, Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award in 2008.


Overall Interests

Generally, my academic interests are three aspects. First, future Interenet Architecture in protocols, algorithms, models, architectures and systems for novel scenarios of applications, such as 5G, AR/VR, IoT and satellite networking, specifically in the areas of Information-Centric Networking (ICN). Second, Network Security and Network Management, especially the conquer and defense in aspects of network protocols and traffic. Third, big data in Education, especially the anlysis of study behaviors in online/hybrid learning and teaching. Both academic research and system development are under going in these areas.

Key Words: Networking, Internet Architecture, Security, Protocols, Hardware and System, Algorithm, Big Data in Education

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) (Future Internet Architecture)

Considering the fundamental architecture of future Internet, I bet on the concept of information-centric networking (ICN). My viewpoint is clear that both TCP/IP and ICN may have their irreplaceable positions in future Internet, leaving the challenges of how and when. I was involved in this area since the very beginning of the global research efforts in Future Internet Architectures (FIAs) funded by NSF, as a key member working on named-based packet forwarding in the Named Data Networking (NDN) project. My interests include but not limited to the following.
  • named-based packet forwarding: algorithms, hardware and strategies
  • edge computing in ICN and cache locality
  • network security in ICN: attacking, defensing and methodology
  • incremental deployment of ICN in the world of IP
  • architecture design and implementation of content routers
  • satellite networking, Vehicle networking, IoT, and AR applications over ICN
We have a relatively large group working on ICN whose members come from both School of Computer Science & Technology and School of Information and Electornic in BIT. Our group has a lot experiences on, from the bottom up, signal processing, communications, networking, security and applications.

Network-based Attacks and Defence (Security)

Network security is an amazing concept because of its endless defence-and-conquer feature. I have experiences for nearly twenty years on firewall, network intrusion detection, network behavior detection and more, acting as a researcher, a developer, and a team leader (CTO) of hundreds of employees. The cross-cutting roles shape me an industrial and system perspective on security. My current interests include but not limited to the following.
  • protocol and traffic analysis on mobile apps
  • network covert channel: algorithms and applications
  • network intrusion and detection
  • privacy in the network traffic
  • emerging security topics in new applications: AR/VR, IoT, satellite and vehicle networking
  • network security systems: architecture, high-speed design and key techniques
Note that network security is a winner-take-all area, that is, the killer techniques really matter.

Big Data in Education (Scholarship of Teaching)

The conception of MOOC, massive online open course, has successfully shaped a new era of education integrated with information and communications technology (ICT). A world with online learning has already came. My current interest is to understand learning behaviors by big data analytics in education, including but not limited to the following.
  • big data analytics in education
  • learning behaviors and habits
  • interactives in teaching and learning
  • data-inspired principles of learning
  • sytems of big data in education: architecture, design and key techniques
This topic is a joint work with ICourses, the biggest MOOC platform in China and even the world. We have already implemented several fundamental systems to manage learning and now go to the academic part.

Past Projects and Interests

I have completed more than thirty projects as PI (principal investigator) for the past ten years. Some selected are listed as follows. (More is coming.)
  • EER: Energy Efficient Router, as PI, joint work with Dublin City University.
  • THUMP 107: RISC-compatible Microprocessor Design and Implementations, as one of key members, @Tsinghua.


Overall Interests

Computer science and technology is far beyond a tool to the human-being world, but an ideology that can shape the future in almost all aspects. My interest is to help every individuals to learn what they necessarily know about computer technology for their interest and career in an easy way facilited with computer techonlogy. In a simple word, I teach computer techonlogy via computer technology. Confusing? Never to me. I give courses of programming, networking, security and other topics about computer in contents, while mostly assisted by the online web courses and systems. I believe that the online learning and online teaching may be critically important in the (near) future of higher education and life-long learning.

On-campus Courses

  • Introduction to Python Programming

An undergraudate course for the 1st / 2nd year non-major students.

On campus (spring & autumn): 2013-2018, 2019-.

  • Network and Information Security

An undergraudate course for the 3rd year CS-major students.

On campus (spring): 2009-2012, 2013-2018, 2019-.

  • Introduction to Computer Networks

An undergraudate course for the 2nd year CS-major students.

On campus (autumn): 2013-2018, 2019-.

  • Experiments and Practice on Computer Networks

An undergraudate course for the 2nd year CS-major students.

On campus (spring): 2018, 2019-.

  • Advanced Topics on Future Networking

A graduate course for the 1st year master/doctoral students in both School of CS and School of IE.

On campus (spring): 2019-.

MOOC (massive online open course)

  • Introduction to Python Programming (National-Level MOOC)

Grand total of students: 1.38 million (till Oct.2019), link, 2015- (free & open).

  • Introduction to Python Programming (CAP)

Grand total of students: 130 thousand (till Oct.2019), link, 2017- (free & temporarily closed).

  • Web Crawler and Information Extraction with Python (National-Level MOOC)

Grand total of students: 290 thousand (till Oct.2019), link, 2017- (free & open).

  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Python (National-Level MOOC)

Grand total of students: 140 thousand (till Oct.2019), link, 2017- (free & open).

  • Cloud-side Web Developing with Python

Grand total of students: 60 thousand (till Oct.2019), link, 2017- (free & temporarily closed).

Online Courses of Other Types

  • Python Programming Language: To be a master

link, 2018- (paid & open).

Online Tools for Education

I have designed several online tools for education, as follows. Note that, some tools are implemented and maintained by commercial groups from the very beginning, therefore they are not the properties of academics institutes.


Selected Research Papers

Briefly, I have published more than 60 papers in conferences and journals, in Chinese or English. Here are some selected publications. The complete paper list is here, including authoring rules of our papers.
  • Tian Song, Yating Yang and Tianlong Li. "Rethinking Caching Security of Information-Centric Networking: A System Recovery Perspective", In IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol.27(10): 104-110, October 2019. (SCI TOP, IF=9.270) More
  • Wanying Huang, Tian Song, Yating Yang and Yu Zhang. "Cluster-based Cooperative Caching with Mobility Prediction in Vehicular Named Data Networking", In IEEE Access, 7(1): 23442-23458, 2019. (SCI, IF=3.557) More
  • Yating Yang and Tian Song. "Local Name Translation for Succinct Communication Towards Named Data Networking of Things", In IEEE Communications Letters, 22(12): 2551-2554, 2018. (SCI, IF=2.732) More
  • Tian Song, Zheng Jiang, Yu Wei, Xiangjun Shi, Xiaowei Ma, Olga Ormond, Martin Collier and Xiaojun Wang. "Traffic aware Energy Efficient Router: Architecture, Prototype and Algorithms", In IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, (JSAC), 34(12): 3814-3827, 2016. (CCF A, SCI TOP, IF=7.172) More
  • Haowei Yuan, Tian Song, Patrick Crowley, "Scalable NDN Forwarding: Concepts, Issues, and Principles", In Proceedings of the 21th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN), Munich, Germany, July 30-Aug.2 2012. Best Paper Award More
  • Tian Song, Wei Zhang, Dongsheng Wang, Yibo Xue, "A Memory Efficient Multiple Pattern Matching Architecture for Network Security", In Proceedings of the 27th IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), Phoenix, AZ, USA, Apr. 15-17 2008, pp.673-681. (CCF A) More

Teaching Papers

From the perspective of scholarship of teaching, I publish teaching papers, mainly in Chinese journals due to the domestic relevance. Actually, I have many ideas and experiences ready for publish. However, I am always short of time to do so. Hopefully, I can spend more time to enjoy this fun.
  • [12] 嵩天: "人工智能领域产教融合的边界分析", 《中国大学教学》, 2018年第7期, 第31-35页.
  • [11] 嵩天, 黄天羽: "Python语言程序设计教学案例新思维", 《计算机教育》, 2017年第12期, 第11-14页.
  • [10] 赵霞, 张珣, 韩忠明, 嵩天: "Python语言教学中问题解决能力和创新能力的培养实践", 《计算机教育》, 2017年第9期, 第6-10页.
  • [09] 黄天羽, 嵩天: "以图形牵引兴趣的Python案例教学方法与实践", 《计算机教育》, 2017年第8期, 第32-37页.
  • [08] 嵩天, 黄天羽, 礼欣: "面向计算生态的Python语言入门课程教学方案", 《计算机教育》, 2017年第8期, 第7-12页.
  • [07] 嵩天, 彭远红, 宋文婷: "Python语言与计算生态"专题: "理解和运用计算生态 推动Python语言教学改革", 《计算机教育》, 2017年第8期, 第6页.
  • [06] 李凤霞, 陈宇峰, 余月, 嵩天: "基于MOOC/SPOC的课程协同建设与思考", 《计算机教育》, 2016年第2期, 第17-18页.
  • [05] 嵩天, 黄天羽, 礼欣: "Python语言: 程序设计课程教学改革的理想选择", 《中国大学教学》, 2016年第1期, 第75-80页.
  • [04] 嵩天: "大学教学改革中的科研方法与探索: 基于青年教师的视角", 《中国大学教学》, 2015年第1期, 第15-19页.
  • [03] 嵩天, 李凤霞, 蔡强, 李仲君, 史树敏: "面向计算思维的大学计算机基础课程教学内容改革", 《计算机教育》, 2014年第3期, 第7-11页.
  • [02] 嵩天, 李凤霞, 宋丹丹: "计算机硬件技术基础课程教材分析和建设", 《计算机教育》, 2011年第16期, 第115-120页.
  • [01] 嵩天, 李凤霞: "计算机硬件技术基础课程实验改革",《计算机教育》, 2010年第17期, 第65-68页.


I have submitted tens of patents in China. Some of them are on-duty inventions and others are for interests.
  • [12] 国家发明专利, "高性能IP网络中个人标识信息识别系统及方法"; 刘翼, 嵩天; 201711474953.1; 2017.12.29 - .
  • [11] 国家发明专利, "一种结构紧凑的键值对存储结构及快捷键值对查找方法"; 魏煜, 嵩天; 201711287661.7; 2017.12.7 -.
  • [10] 国家发明专利, "一种基于TCAM的大规模字符串高速查找方法"; 嵩天, 刘苗苗; 201711202703.2; 2017.11.27 -.
  • [09] 国家发明专利, "一种高安全性网络数据存储方法"; 嵩天, 魏煜; ZL 201610055626.1; 2016.1.27 - 2018.09.28 .
  • [08] 国家发明专利, "一种计算机软件源代码相似度检测方法"; 嵩天, 田星, 李凤霞, 刘政祎; ZL 201510794525.1; 2015.11.18 - 2018.05.15.
  • [07] 国家发明专利, "基于无线传感网的低功耗停车场管理系统及无线网络节点"; 邵立伟, 嵩天; ZL 201110027354.1; 2011.1.25 - 2012.12.05.
  • [06] 国家发明专利, "一种搜索引擎中的多字符串匹配方法"; 嵩天, 黎达; ZL 201010232463.2; 2010.7.21 - 2012.07.04.
  • [05] 国家发明专利, "一种基于即时通讯协议的跨网段的信息资源访问方法"; 嵩天, 孟祥龙; ZL 201010185633.6; 2010.5.28 - 2012.12.05.
  • [04] 国家发明专利, "文件级P2P网络流量识别方法"; 嵩天, 周舟, 贾云得; ZL 201010175482.6; 2010.5.14 - 2012.8.15.
  • [03] 国家发明专利, "一种用于URL过滤系统的URL查找方法"; 嵩天, 周舟, 贾云得; ZL 200910087509.3; 2009.6.23 - 2012.2.1.
  • [02] 国家发明专利, "跨操作系统平台的界面无缝整合方法及系统"; 汪东升, 嵩天; ZL 200810056430.X; 2008.1.18 - 2011.6.29.
  • [01] 国家发明专利, "一种多字符串匹配方法和芯片"; 嵩天; ZL 200710099389.X (专利号); 2007.5.18 (申请日)- 2009.6.3 (授权日) .


A textbook with high quality is the most notable label to a teacher. I try to write such kinds of textbooks which are fun, inspiring and technology-indicating to readers. I have got some tastes but still trying. I only write textbooks in Chinses right now, with the experience as follows.
  • [6] 2019年01月, 《全国计算机等级考试二级教材: Python语言程序设计(2019年版)》, 嵩天 著, 高等教育出版社, ISBN 978-7-04-050761-4.
  • [5] 2018年07月, 《全国计算机等级考试二级教材: Python语言程序设计(2018年版)》, 嵩天 著, 高等教育出版社, ISBN 978-7-04-050223-7.
  • [4] 2017年02月, 《Python语言程序设计基础(第2版)》, 嵩天, 礼欣, 黄天羽 著, 高等教育出版社, ISBN 978-7-04-047170-0. 京东 (5100+评论, 99%好评度, 推荐)
  • [3] 2014年07月, 《程序设计基础(Python语言)》, 嵩天, 黄天羽, 礼欣 著, 高等教育出版社, ISBN 978-7-04-034718-0.
  • [2] 2014年08月, 《网络安全技术与实践》, 嵩天 (副主编)等, 高等教育出版社, ISBN 978-7-04-0460624-5.
  • [1] 2010年06月, 《网络安全管理及实用技术》, 嵩天 (副主编)等, 机械工业出版社, ISBN 978-7-111-31065-5.


I would like to write, and have already written a lot of, codes in C/C++/C#, Verilog and Python. However, I was not familiar to publish them as open-source projects in the past. Now, I am trying to contribute part of my work to the open-source community. There are a list of open-source projects which I am involved in.

  • NFD - Named Data Networking Forwarding Daemon

A network forwarder that implements and evolves together with the Named Data Networking (NDN) protocol.

Collaborated with UCLA, UA, WashU since 2013, link.

Thesis & Dissertation

  • Research on High Performance Pattern Matching Techniques for Applications of Network Security

Doctoral Dissertation, Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Oct. 2007.

Advisor: Prof. Zhizhong Tang and Prof. Dongsheng Wang.

[PDF] (Abstract in Chinese).

  • The Research and Application of Service Network Infrastructure

Master's Thesis, Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Nov. 2004.

Advisor: Prof. Zhizhong Tang and Prof. Dongsheng Wang.

[PDF] (Abstract in Chinese).

Students and Collaboration

Current Students

The following students are currently under my supervising.
  • Tianlong Li (李天龙, Ph.D. student, 2019-)
  • Wanying Huang (黄婉莹, Ph.D. student, 2018-)
  • Yating Yang (杨雅婷, Ph.D. student, 2017-)
  • Bowen Zeng (曾博文, Ph.D. student, 2016-)
  • Ji Xu (徐冀, Master student,2017-)
  • Dai Rui (戴睿, Master student, 2017-)
  • Yinghao Li (李颖浩, Master student, 2017-)
  • Yuecheng Wang (王月成, Master student, 2017-)
  • Chao Wu (吴超, Master student, 2018-)
  • Jike Yang (杨济科, Master student, 2019-)
  • Ruiyang Liu (刘睿阳, Master student, 2019-)
  • Haozhi Li (李浩智, Master student, 2019-)
  • Jingqi Zhang (张敬棋, Master student, 2019-)

Alumni (Ph.D. and Masters)

The following students are alumni to my group. Please contact me if there is a missing.
  • Danxia Li (李丹霞, Ph.D. pending, 2015-2019)
  • Yi Liu (刘翼, Ph.D., 2015-2019)
  • Zhou Zhou (周舟, Ph.D., 2006-2011)
  • Rafiq UL Islam (International, Master, 2017-2019)
  • Zhiming Lei (雷志明, Master, 2017-2019)
  • Haifeng Chang (畅海峰, Master,2016-2019)
  • He Jiang (姜鹤, Master, 2017-2019)
  • Yu Sun (孙宇, Master, 2016-2019)
  • Lufa Qin (秦鲁发, Visiting Master Student, 2018)
  • Peiyuan Gu (顾培源, Visiting Master Student, 2018)
  • Jeannette Abayisenga (International, Master, 2016-2018)
  • Hanqing Zhang (张汉青, Master, 2016-2018)
  • Wei Li (李卫, Master, 2015-2018)
  • Miaomiao Liu (刘苗苗, Master, 2015-2018)
  • Yu Wei (魏煜, Master, 2015-2018)
  • Zhengyi Liu (刘政祎, Master, 2015-2018)
  • Kwon Dayeon (International, Master, 2015-2017)
  • John Peter Semhando (International, Master, 2015-2017)
  • Di Peng (彭迪, Master, 2015-2017)
  • Yalong Yang (杨亚龙, Master, 2014-2017)
  • Hongchen Zhu (朱洪辰, Master, 2014-2017)
  • Nian Xia (夏念, Master, 2014-2017)
  • Zheng Jiang (蒋正, Master, 2014-2017)
  • Hang Zhang (张航, Master, 2014-2016)
  • Rui Yang (杨瑞, Master, 2014-2016)
  • Yunkai Wan (万云凯, Master, 2013-2016)
  • Lin Yi (易琳, Master, 2013-2015)
  • Xiao Chen (陈潇, Master, 2013-2015)
  • Yunda Zhang (张运大, Master, 2012-2014)
  • Shiying Luo (骆世瑛, Master, 2012-2015)
  • Xiangjun Shi (史湘君, Master, 2012-2015)
  • Wei Li (李玮, Master, 2012-2015)
  • Xiaowei Ma (马啸威, Master, 2012-2014)
  • Jinnan Xu (徐金楠, Master, 2012-2014)
  • Ruiqi Ji (季瑞齐, Master, 2012-2014)
  • Jianguang Shi (石健光, Master, 2011-2013)
  • PanLong Zheng (郑盘龙, Master, 2011-2013)
  • Jie Zhou (周杰, Master, 2010-2013)
  • Xianglong Meng (孟祥龙, Master, 2010-2013)
  • Sian Wang (王式安, Master, 2010-2013)
  • Suhua Chen (陈素华, Master, 2010-2013)
  • Xiaoling Li (李晓玲, Master, 2008-2011)

For Potential Students

Please find the right link for you to understand the supervising policies in English or Chinese appropriately.
  • For potential international Ph.D./master students, please read this.
  • For potential domestic Ph.D. students, please read this.
  • For potential master students, please read this.
  • For undergraduate students at Liangxiang, BIT, please read this.
  • For undergraduate students at Zhongguancun, BIT, please read this.
  • For others, please feel free to contact me via email for your queries.

For Various Collaboration

For potential collaborations in research, teaching or publishing, please feel free to contact me via email for your queries.

Recommended Reading

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